Unique team building experience
with long lasting benefits

Are you looking for a team building experience, which can truly make a difference to your employees?
Is your team rolling their eyes when they hear about yet another unoriginal, off-the-template activity?
We bring a new approach to how your colleagues can make a positive difference to both their team mates and the company, while enjoying their time out.


A group of (usually) 5-10 employees takes part in a 'walkabout' with cameras within the local area of the office or any other location as required. Each person carries a camera of their choice - it can be a professional SLR or a mobile phone, anything they would normally use for taking photos. The team can be split into smaller groups to take photos of specific areas (i.e. local park, landmark, street market) and then move to another location, so everyone has a chance to rotate and take shots in the same locations. This would normally take 2-3 hours.


After the photos are taken they are either collected from memory cards on the day or sent to the organisers via email or cloud storage links. Any employees who missed the trip out but would still like to contribute can send in their photos too. We will tailor the service to fit your firm’s specific requirements.


Your collection of photos is prepared in an online survey format which employees can reach via a link, and where they can view all the images and vote for their favourites. The client decides how many users will participate in voting and distributes the survey link at their discretion. After one or more days the voting results are sent to the client.


The results are presented on a page with information about the authors. The company can then place the photos on their social pages and blogs and distribute the results with photos in the way they find most suitable.

The gallery is delivered!

The winning photos are printed to required size, framed and delivered to the client. Whether it's a formal exhibition or a surprise for employees - the client decides on how to present the completed gallery to the rest of the company.



This activity is aimed primarily at delivering entertainment and variety to people who work on the same projects or see each other in lifts. Some staff members will approach it more seriously; others will be more relaxed about the results. Everyone will remember it fondly.

Team bonding

Taking photos in a group involves co-operation, discussions, and learning about others and their points of view. It brings people together. The discussion will continue long after the voting is finished and the gallery opened. If there is a competition between those who take photos - it will be a positive one.

Art Increases Performance

The presence of art can boost productivity and happiness among employees as much as the presence of plants.
One study from 2013 proved a positive relationship between art in the workplace and job productivity and found that over 80% of employees said art was important in the work environment.

Tailored Modifications

We're open to your suggestions.
Each company has specific culture, interests and priorities. It could be there is specific message, symbols or metaphors you want to be visible in the final results. We can make sure that this will happen.

Local community

It is a great opportunity for a company to remind their staff how important it is to notice things on a local level. Be it a garden, park, grocery shop, church or graffiti hidden between cloisters - it brings to life the local and London-centred context of the company.

Making a Difference

The results of this activity - the gallery - can be can be a great talking point and can build a lively company identity which is something worth showing off to your clients and new staff members. It could even be the beginning of a much bigger project. What’s more, your social media audience are sure to find plenty to like and share.