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Press advertisements, posters & billboards, catalogues, packaging, book & DVD covers, point-of-sale displays, commercial photography

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Website design, programming, Flash animations, Flash development and applications, corporate presentations, CMS and online payment systems, 3D animations

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Corporate identity manuals, logotypes, stationery, brand / corporate catalogues

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Print outsourcing, desktop publishing (DTP), graphic design consultancy


The Internet has expanded the range of copywriting opportunities to include web content, ads, emails, blogs and other forms of electronic communications.

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Social networking websites allow individuals and businesses to interact with one another and build relationships and communities online.

Our mission &vision

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LONDONSTORY CS is committed to designing, producing and delivering visual solutions for our clients using the most up to date technology and techniques available. This combined with principles of classic design and inner creativity, allows us to explore new channels of delivery on behalf of our clients in a chosen medium using the power of what we call ‘visual kinetics’.

To deliver cutting edge design and programming solutions to our clients.
To add value to clients’ businesses and brands, and exceed clients’ expectations through our projects.
To maintain the highest quality of design and be open to new, often experimental solutions with the purpose of searching for new ways of visual expression within web design, print design and animation.
To make our clients happy and to enjoy the final results with them.
To inspire others through our work.

Visual kinetics means that we are not constraint by normal, accepted procedures within the design industry. The secret behind our success is the translation of our clients’ needs and requirements into how they would like the audience to interact with the product or concept.

Clients’ aspirations are guided through our diverse, talented and highly professional designers who have the experience, knowledge and motivation not only to understand particular task or concept but also are able to provide a critical insight into the best method of visualising a project regardless its size.
Should you with to find out more about LONDONSTORY Cs or enquire about a particular project, please email us, complete the contact form or simply call us.
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LONDONSTORY Creative Studio Team.

Visual kinetics

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There is no single and universal definition of design. The problem with defining the meaning of the term design is not solely caused by a large variety of design purposes and techniques, but by the very creative nature of the process, which largely focuses on translating ideas into tangible creations.

LONDONSTORY Creative Studio specialises in commercial graphics design, we translate commercial ideas and subsequently emotions into various forms of visually interpreted products.

LONDONSTORY CS team perceive commercials graphic design and complex, creative activity aimed at archiving unique process called ‘visual kinetics’, that is context for audience emotions. The impact may in turn trigger action (i.e. purchase), create perception or raise awareness of a certain fact.

Apart from creating a tangible reaction, e also strive to implement an artistic value in all our creations. Composition, colour scheme, intuitiveness and visual logic should accompany every single work of graphic design.

We work with mainly with clients’ brands. We realise a strategy of brand’s communication. We believe that commercial design must be subordinate to strategic principles because it puts a brand or product into certain context. Therefore, design does not have to be innovative at all cost or shocking to be successful, as many artists claim.

Design is not only about pictures or eye-catching colours. Graphics design must first of all create specific context for the message of a brand or a product. Only visual kinetics with its creative process and feedback may be successful in the modern world where every single member of audience receives thousands of commercial messages every day.

Frequent questions

  • How much does it cost to have a new logo?
  • I am looking for a new person to manage my website. Can you help?
  • Can you assist with finding the right photos for my website?
  • How long does it take to launch a website?
As with any design work it is important to have a full picture of the clients' requirements. Is logo the only element you will need in the near future? What do you have at present? Are you looking to have the current design it re-done or it should be a brand new design? In regards to logos, we would normally prepare 2 sets of logos for the client to choose of. The more details we know upfront, the more precise quote and timescale can be provided.
We can help with any aspects of maintaining websites, regardless whether they are static, blog-like structures or big size e-commerce solutions.
We can both suggest the most suitable photos for purchase or organise a photo session featuring your product or specific scenery
The initial interview and clear vision of what you would like the website to do helps immensly to list the requirements. It is clear that as our client, you would like the website to be delivered asap. We dedicate as much time as possible on gathering slicents' requirements. However, on many occassions the production and deployment time could be reduced to few weeks, if the client made a decision to trust us with preparing the contents and delivering the final product.